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Photonic Sense is dedicated to producing the highest quality germanium and silicon material and manufacturing precision components for infrared optics applications.

Our advanced production and measuring technologies and equipment guarantee consistent and cost effective processes and outstanding product quality.
As a reliable and flexible partner we help our customers to increase their production efficiency with short lead times, support of Kanban principles and high precision blanks to save manufacturing cost.

Photonic Sense was established in 2003 and has since become one of the leading suppliers of germanium and silicon components for infrared optics applications.
The company's facilities are located in Eisenach (Germany) and in Jupiter, FL.

Our 3,600 square meter production facility offers advanced capabilities for growing large monocrystals
and our state-of-the art CNC driven manufacturing processes generate optical blanks of the highest quality and precision.

Our worldwide customers are market leaders in their segments for infrared optics applications in Defense and Security, Health Care and Life Science,
Laser Material Processing, Machine Vision, Automotive and other industries.

The company's subsidiary Photonic Sense, Inc. in Jupiter, FL is ITAR registered. The company has implemented and operates
under the terms of a fully compliant and approved Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA).

Since 2006 Photonic Sense is part of Jenoptik, an integrated global optoelectronics technology group.
Thus Photonic Sense can offer customers the benefit of company wide synergies and security of their investment.

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Photonic Sense - the IR Germanium and Silicon company