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Crystal Growing

Photonic Sense has developed world class expertise in growing large germanium crystals. Mono crystals with diameter of 350 mm are routinely grown in our Czochralski type crystal pullers.
For special applications Photonic Sense can provide germanium crystals with diameter of >450 mm.

In our crystal lab we are able to analyze and characterize crystal structures so we can guarantee exact crystal orientations and material specifications.

Photonic Sense can respond to any request that our customers require in terms of material and crystal characteristics.

crystal growing department cz crystal puller

Technology and Capabilities

Photonic Sense provides the complete value-added chain of infrared optics components made from germanium and silicon.
Our technology allows us to grow large germanium crystals with tightly controlled material specifications.

Our state of the art machine shop and advanced CNC driven manufacturing processes guarantee tight near-net shape specifications of even the most complex blanks.

With its flexible structure and processes Photonic Sense can handle efficiently and cost effectively both prototype quantities and volume production.

Optical blank generation

Photonic Sense has implemented advanced CNC processes to generate precision blanks for your infrared optics applications.
Customers may choose from a broad range of surface finish options: from Rq 0.2 µm to Rq 4.0 µm.

Our skilled and experienced workforce is able to meet the tightest requirements and to guarantee near-net shape specifications ('ready for polish').

Our metrology equipment allows for tight control of our manufacturing processes and our advanced measuring techniques guarantee the most reliable and consistent product quality.

optical blank generation 1 optical blank generation 2